Here you'll find everything you need to know about our entire garden building range, from sheds to insulated garden rooms. We store our shed guide, instructions and other helpful information here too, so take a look around!

Terminology & Icon Key

To help guide you through our products and assist you making your decision, we use helpful icons to highlight the product specifications and details. Here we have broken down the terminology that we use and explained our icon key.

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Shed Guide

Need more in-depth information on our products? Here we've explained the materials and construction methods we use for our buildings as well as the options and upgrades we offer. This will help you understand our products better and assist selecting the right building for you.

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Provide secure outdoor storage

Boasts a wide range of sizes from small storage sheds to premium workshops

Available in a range of cladding styles and materials to suit every budget

Easily customisable, decorate in your favourite colour


Offer a great place to relax and enjoy the garden during the summer months

Available in contemporary and traditional styles to suit all gardens

Easily customisable! Look great decorated internally and externally in your favourite colours, to compliment any space


Are fully glazed with shatterproof styrene windows

Feature roofing vents to help regulate the temperature within the greenhouse

Provide a light and secure place for growing plants and storing garden accessories

Log Cabins

Provide the perfect garden get away that can be used all year around

Feature a traditional interlocking log board construction

Available in various sizes, thicknesses and styles. There is something for everyone!

Insulated Garden Rooms

Feature double skinned, insulated walls to provide excellent all year round use!

Available in a wide range of styles, from contemporary pent to classic apex, there is something for every garden!

Built to the highest, premium standards to guarantee many years of use


Are designed with safety in mind, with EN71 certification and CE marked

Available in a wide range of different styles to suit to provide all children with dream playhouses

Provide a safe and fun environment for your children while encouraging outdoor play