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Our Terminology

Buying a garden building can easily become confusing and daunting, especially when faced with all the technical terms. so let us break down the details for you and explain what we're really talking about to help you understand our products better.


Eaves are the lower edges of the roof which overhang the face of the wall, designed to protect the building from water damage.


The ridge of the building is the peak in which two opposing roof planes meet, creating the tallest part of the building.


The finial is a decorative edition to your building that sits at the highest point, giving your building the perfect finishing touch.

Roof Overhang

The roof overhang is the section of the roof that overhangs the face of the wall. Often this is only a matter of centimetres designed to protect the building though in some cases it is larger, creating a sheltered area.


The flat pieces of timber that are designed to cover the end of rafters, joins and other fittings, providing an attractive, smooth finish.


The windows to the building allow light to flood in. Within our range we use several types of glazing materials, learn about these here!

Internal Framing

The internal framing is designed to support the entire building and also holds the timber cladding that forms the walls.


Cladding forms the walls of the building by fixing to internal framing. We use several type of cladding construction. Learn about this here!

Floor Joists

Floor joists provide additional strength and stiffness to the floor above, while allowing air to flow beneath the building, helping to protect against from rot and decay.


The hinged barrier at the front of the building, used for accessing your belongings. Our range offers various door options including single, double and bi-folding.


Usually enclosed by railing and under the cover of the roof overhang, the veranda is a stylish, premium and practical addition to your garden building.

Our Icon Key

We use icons to help our customers understand what to expect from their new buildings. Though they are mostly self explanitory, we provide a detailed explaination below.

General Icons
Building Icons
Log Cabins
Insulated Garden Rooms