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  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC
  • The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC

The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC

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The 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room with Oak UPVC

Introducing the expansive 5m x 3m Edwinstowe, a sleek and modern insulated garden retreat ideal for enhancing your outdoor space. Crafted for year-round comfort, this versatile garden room is tailor-made for various purposes, whether you envision a plush reading sanctuary, a hub to expand your business ventures, or even a private home cinema experience. Experience luxury and functionality seamlessly integrated into your garden oasis with the Edwinstowe.

Benefits of an Insulated Garden Room

Insulated garden rooms are a cost-effective way to create versatile extra living space which is easily customisable to your needs. Because a garden room is separate from your home, it offers a measure of peace and privacy that’s perfect for uses like a garden office, a home gym, an art studio, or a relaxing retreat from which to enjoy your garden.

Thanks to its insulate, double-skinned design, they are ideal for all round use meaning you get maximum use from your latest investment. In addition to its double-skinned design, the roof and floor are also fully insulated, meaning all sides of your building are wrapped up from the elements. In addition, double glazed windows not only contribute to the temperate regulation inside your new space, but also offer a sound barrier to outside noise, creating a calm and relaxing environment. 

Garden rooms are also proven to add value to your home. You can typically expect 1.5x the cost of the garden room to be added to your house in value, so it really does pay to have additional space! With working from home and home businesses becoming increasingly popular, a space away from the house is often on the shopping list of prospective buyers.

UPVC Doors and Windows

UPVC is a low-maintenance material that doesn't need yearly treatments like wooden framed windows. You can pick choose from three attractive colours, anthracite, oak, and white to customise your garden room without needing paint. UPVC provides security with a light but strong frame, strong locks, and double-glazed glass that keeps unauthorized entry at bay.

When choosing a garden room, energy efficiency is important. The UPVC framing and double-glazed windows also reduce outside noise, creating a peaceful and productive space.

Indulge in the tranquillity of our UPVC windows, upgraded with cutting-edge multipoint locking technology for unmatched security against unwanted intrusions. Plus, our revolutionary window locking system guarantees worry-free ventilation, so you can enjoy fresh air without the concern of abrupt closures during windy weather.

Fully Insulated Structure

Our Insulated Garden Rooms offer fully insulated walls, roof and floor not only to make sure your new space is comfortable during the colder months, but also to encourage it to stay cool during the warmer months.

Our Sherwood Range boasts 100mm thick walls, with EcoQuilt insulation nestled in between the timber cladding. You can also find EcoQuilt in the roof. EcoQuilt is a multi-foil insulation, manufactured in the UK which also includes a high-performance vapour control layer helping ensure your building remains free from damp and moisture. In addition to EcoQuilt, the floor is insulated with AirTec insulation which boasts a 50% reduction in heat loss by trapping air within its bubble structure.

Customisable Design

Available in multiple sizes, this garden room is versatile and customisable. Looking for more windows? Not a problem. Wanting to move the door location? We can do that. Simply add them on from our upgrades list, or give us a call and we can talk this through until you achieve your perfect design.

EPDM Roof Covering

As standard with our Sherwood Range of garden rooms, you will receive an EPDM roof covering, rather than traditional mineral felt. EPDM is an impermeable synthetic rubber which boasts a 50-year lifespan, keeping your garden room’s roof dry and damp free for decades to come. It’s pliable in both the heat and the cold, meaning cracks and areas of weaknesses do not form like they may do with traditional roof coverings. It’s also resistant against harmful UV rays. In addition, in the chance of any small tears or holes, unlike traditional felt where the whole roof covering would need to be replaced, EPDM can be simply patch repaired, which is far more efficient and cost effective than an entire roof covering replacement.

Contemporary Insulated Garden Rooms

Our contemporary insulated garden rooms offer a modern Scandinavian feel, with minimalist edges, simple designs and functionality at its heart. Our Harlow, Edwinstowe and Creswell epitomise this logic by offering clean lines and airy interiors, ideal for those looking for a contemporary space in their garden.

Featuring a pent roof design, the Creswell Insulated Garden Room presents a modern and streamlined aesthetic. The inclined roof allows the structure to discreetly blend into any garden setting, all while creating a warm and snug interior ambiance.

Anti-Rot Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our Insulated Garden Rooms, backed by a 10-year anti-rot guarantee at no extra cost. You can relax in your new outdoor space knowing your building is protected by us. To uphold the validity of this guarantee, it's essential to annually treat your new garden room with wood treatment. This simple step helps prevent fungal attacks, ensuring the longevity of your new serene retreat.

Home Installation Included

So you can sit back and relax, Home Installation Service by our expert installers is included with the price of this building as standard. They will arrive ready to put up your new retreat to our exacting standards. They’ll tidy up after themselves, so the only thing you have to do is step in and enjoy your new space.

Prior to booking the date of your home installation with us, you will need to have a firm and level base ready for construction, or have selected the Elite Timber Base option from our upgrades list.

Sustainable Timber

Each insulated garden room in our selection is exclusively crafted from ethically sourced and certified timber, meticulously manufactured right here in the UK by our experienced team.

The Sherwood Range

The Sherwood Range comprises our flagship Insulated Garden Rooms, appropriately named after areas local to us in Nottinghamshire. These include: the parish of Rufford, famously home to Rufford Abbey and Country Park. Thoresby, the site of the extremely impressive Grade I listed Thoresby Hall. Edwinstowe, another Nottinghamshire parish, famous for being home to Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Creswell, which actually resides on the Nottinghamshire-Derbyshire border. In Creswell, you can find Creswell Crags, a candidate for being one of the next World Heritage Sites due to its caves which date up to 43,000 years ago. Finally, the Harlow, named after Harlow Woods, which stretches near Fountaindale. Legend states this was the meeting place of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck.  

Aside from the local links and fairytale legends, what stands the Sherwood Range apart is their improved wall thickness, providing heat retention during the colder months and encouraging coolness during the warmer seasons. Upgraded EPDM roofing as standard; EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber with full waterproof capabilities designed to last 50 years, the perfect option when investing into a new garden building.


Please Note: Sizes are approximate only. For specific details, please consult our sales department.