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Buying Guide - Greenhouses

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Buying Guide - Greenhouses

A greenhouse is an essential tool for keen gardeners seeking to create an optimal growing environment for their plants and produce. In this greenhouse buying guide, we'll assist you in choosing your dream greenhouse that not only suits your growing requirements but also complements your garden perfectly.

1. Consider your growing requirements

When choosing your greenhouse it is important to take into consideration what you are planning to grow and how your greenhouse will be used.

Nurture seedlings

Mini Greenhouse

To nurture seedlings and foster their growth effectively, it is crucial to create the ideal growing conditions. Mercia offers a diverse selection of greenhouses perfectly suited for this task. Whether you need a compact grow house or a multi-functional potting shed, these buildings are thoughtfully designed to ensure an optimal growing environment. Additionally, their internal shelving maximises space, providing convenience for planting, re-potting, and storage.

Long-term growing

Wooden Apex Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a permanent gardening facility, our Apex and Lean-to greenhouses are excellent choices. These structures provide generous floor and head space, allowing your plants plenty of room to stretch their leaves and grow to their fullest potential. With UV-resistant, styrene glazed windows that flood the space with sunlight, along with an opening vent roof for essential temperature control, these greenhouses create the perfect environment for your gardening endeavours.

Growing and Storage

Combi greenhouse and shed

If you’re looking for a greenhouse that offers abundant gardening space without compromising on storage, try a Mercia combi greenhouse. These structures provide dedicated growing areas alongside integrated storage spaces, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Experience your own dedicated space for your gardening activities while keeping your tools and supplies organised and secure.


2. Choosing the right size

A common mistake which can limit your gardening potential is choosing a greenhouse which isn’t big enough to accommodate fully-grown plants along with all the necessary gardening tools and equipment. If you’re planning on using your greenhouse as a permanent home for your plants, ensure you consider how much space they will take up when fully mature.

3. Greenhouse styles

At Mercia, we understand that every garden has its unique style and charm. That's why we offer a diverse selection of greenhouse designs to cater to all garden types. Whether you're a fan of classic aesthetics or prefer a more contemporary look, our greenhouse collection has something for everyone. From the timeless appeal of apex designs to the sleek lines of modern pent styles, you can find the ideal greenhouse to match your preferences and elevate the beauty of your garden.

4. Location and orientation

Before installing your greenhouse, it is vital to think about its intended location and orientation within your garden. Consider these tips to help you achieve your greenhouse’s full potential:

  • Assess the placement of the sun in your garden throughout the day. Your greenhouse is best placed in a warm, sunny area to optimise plant growth
  • Choose an area away from shady trees and sun-blocking walls as this may make the greenhouse too dark and cool, inhibiting plant growth
  • A flat site is preferable, as this will lead to less work when installing the greenhouse base
  • Leave adequate room all around the greenhouse for ease of installation and maintenance

5. Creating ideal growing conditions

Mercia greenhouses are designed to help you achieve optimal growing conditions and keep plants at a comfortable temperature. To get the full benefits of your greenhouse it is essential to ensure there is adequate ventilation and air flow. By utilising the roof vent and regularly opening the greenhouse doors, you can avoid a build-up of condensation and help with temperature control. During cooler months, heating your greenhouse is crucial, especially if you intend to cultivate exotic plants. Keeping the temperature above freezing not only safeguards against damp and rot but also extends the life of your greenhouse.

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