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Buying Guide - Garden Sheds

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Buying Guide - Garden Sheds

Investing in a garden shed is a big decision that holds long-term value for your outdoor space. This ultimate guide explores Mercia's shed ranges, covering various sizes, materials, shapes, and costs, empowering you to make an informed decision and find the ideal shed that will serve you for years to come.

1. What will your shed be used for?

When deciding which shed to purchase, it is essential to consider its intended purpose. Are you searching for efficient garden storage solutions? Do you aspire to create a personal hobby room or a productive home office? Maybe you yearn for a tranquil sanctuary, away from the chaos of daily life. To guide you in the right direction, we have outlined the most prevalent uses for garden buildings, ensuring you make an informed decision.


Bike Storage

If you're seeking a reliable solution to store your garden equipment and tools, a garden shed is the perfect choice. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials available, you'll find a shed that fits your budget. For smaller items or limited outdoor space, explore options like bike stores and mower stores for efficient garden storage.


Outdoor Living

Maine Pent Summerhouse

To expand your living space during the warmer months, a summerhouse may be more suited to your needs. These versatile and stylish buildings allow you to enjoy your garden in shelter and comfort. However, if you require a garden building which can be used all year round, then opt for a log cabin or insulated garden room. These buildings benefit from thick log boards and insulated walls respectively, ensuring a cosy environment even in the winter months.

Work and Hobbies

Shiplap Workshop

Our large wooden sheds and workshops offer ample space for DIY projects, hobbies and home offices. With sizes up to 20ft x 10ft and various material options, you can transform these large buildings into your personal workshop or hobby room. For a year-round home office, consider an insulated garden room or log cabin.



Combi Shed Greenhouse

For storing gardening tools and equipment, a garden shed provides the perfect solution, with options for shelving or storing larger equipment. However, if you require a shelter with the ideal growing conditions for your flowers and plants, explore Mercia’s greenhouses! If you desire both storage space and a sheltered growing area, our combi greenhouses offer the best of both worlds—a secure tool storage space and a spacious area for plant cultivation.

2. What size shed do you need?

Mercia offer a diverse range of sizes, catering to various needs. From a compact 5ft x 3ft bike store to a spacious 20ft x 10ft workshop, there's a shed to suit every requirement. Unsure about the ideal size? Consider the equipment or tools to be stored and ensure generous space for maneuvering items in and out of the shed doors. It's crucial to determine the shed's placement in your garden to avoid selecting a size that is too large. Remember, the dimensions provided are approximate measurements and act as a general starting point. For example, a 5ft x 7ft shed may have precise measurements of 4.8ft x 6.9ft.


When selecting the size of your shed, it is crucial to consider its placement in your garden. Some things you’ll need to consider:

  • The space around your shed; you must leave at least 60cm around your shed for annual maintenance
  • Check you have enough space to open the doors and windows
  • Choose a location with a firm ground to install a strong and level base for your shed to sit upon
  • Avoid placing under trees as falling debris could damage your building

3. The shape of your shed

When selecting a shed, you'll be pleased to discover the wide range of shapes available, including popular options like apex, reverse apex, and pent. To assist in your decision-making, refer to the descriptions and examples provided in the table below, helping you find your preferred shape. Keep in mind a top tip: while aesthetics play a role, it's essential to consider practical factors such as height, both at the entrance and inside, to accommodate yourself and the items you plan to store. Furthermore, be aware of planning permission regulations, as height restrictions may apply based on your location or the shed's positioning relative to your house.

4. Choosing the materials of your shed

Sheds are traditionally built using wood, as it is an excellent material to manufacture, easy to customise and is visually appealing in gardens. However, there are now various material options available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These are broken down in the table below to help you choose the right material for your shed.

Wooden Shed Options

If you decide that a wooden shed is the best fit for your garden, there are several options to consider to ensure that your shed meets your specific requirements. Various cladding options and roof and floor materials are outlined below to help you choose.

5. Budget

Budget considerations play a significant role when choosing a shed, and it’s essential to be realistic and identify the most important factor for your shed. We’ve highlighted the key differences between value sheds and premium ranges to help point you in the right direction.

6. Maintenance

Regardless of the type of shed you choose, it is important to note that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure its longevity and functionality. Maintain your shed by regularly clearing debris and checking for damp and mould. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance building we would suggest a plastic or metal shed, as these don’t require any treatment.

Our wooden garden buildings all have a treatment applied before leaving the factory which determines how much maintenance it will need. However, all wooden buildings require a preservative and waterproofing topcoat to be applied once installed and annually thereafter to validate your anti-rot guarantee.

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