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Buying Guide - Fences

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Choosing the right fencing for your garden is essential as it can provide security, shelter and privacy while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. This fence buying guide will assist you in selecting the perfect fencing option to create a visually appealing and secure boundary for your garden.

Super Lap

Super Lap Fence Panels create a strong and visually appealing border that combines style and functionality. Constructed using overlapping, pressure treated timber, these fence panels ensure a timeless finish that will endure for many years. The addition of horizontal ledging at the rear of the panels create a secure structure, providing excellent support even in gusty weather conditions. If your primary concerns are privacy and security, the robust design of the Super Lap Fence Panels is perfect for safeguarding your garden, making it a safe space for children and pets.

Super Lap Fence Panel

Feather Edge

Feather Edge Fence Panels are perfect for building a secure boundary around your garden. Crafted using vertical overlapping timber with a rustic finish, these fence panels guarantee a visually appealing border that will stand the test of time. The sturdy structure is reinforced by strong horizontal ledging, providing fantastic support even in harsh weather conditions. With their classic design, Feather Edge Fence Panels are guaranteed to effortlessly complement any style of garden.

Feather Edge Fence Panel

Choosing the Right Size

Mercia fence panels are standardised at a width of 6ft which allows for easy installation. Our fence panels are available in heights ranging from 3ft to 6ft, providing a range of options to suit your specific needs and preferences. For a subtle border that doesn't overpower your garden, we recommend 3ft x 6ft or 4ft x 6ft panels. However, if security and privacy are paramount, our 5ft x 6ft and 6ft x 6ft panels are ideal choices.

Consider the size and design of your garden to ensure that your fencing complements the outdoor space rather than dominating it. It's important to find a balance between functionality and visual appeal. Take into account the environmental factors your fence will face, especially if you live in an area prone to harsh weather conditions. In such cases, opt for durable fence panels with strong ledging for added resilience.


Increase the longevity and functionality of your fencing by treating it with a wood preservative and wood treatment after installation and annually thereafter. If your fence panels are pressure treated, completing these maintenance tasks will ensure your 15 year anti-rot guarantee remains valid. Regularly clearing debris from around your fencing and checking for damp and mould will also help to keep your fence panels maintained to a good standard and functional for years to come.

Pressure Treated Process

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